Data Center Enhancements Inc.

February 7, 2023  


Sometimes incisive technical insight can be exactly what's needed to solve complex IT Architecture problems or get a struggling project back on track. Bringing in an experienced Subject Matter Expert can make all the difference in the world! Our company provides Senior IT Consultants on an on-demand basis. We ensure top technical skills, advanced industry knowledge, and depth-and-breadth of experience are available when you need it, without draining your IT budget!

Storage Infrastructure Stabilization

Your Production data storage equipment may be functional, but is it stable? All IT equipment tends to suffer "creeping disorganization" over time. Passwords aren't updated, obsolete data is not removed., I/O paths become unbalanced, naming conventions overlooked, security patches not installed, etc. Our Storage Infrastructure Stabilization Assessment goes back-to-basics and ensures all configuration and features have been properly implemented and are operating at maximum efficiency.

SAN/NAS Capacity Assessment

Data Center Enhancements Inc. offers a comprehensive analysis program for evaluating storage, capturing key growth and performance metrics, analyzing data, and presenting the results in a coherent and professional document. This review usually entails a detailed examination of all storage components, design configuration, performance, power consumption, policies and procedures, physical resource consumption, support costs, skills requirements, and other aspects of the infrastructure.

Data Center Assessment

Data Center Enhancements provides a thorough, in-depth review of all aspects of a data center including but not limited to: underutilized servers/storage, power consumption, cooling, floor space, rack space, useful lifespan of equipment, regulatory compliance, security, and other aspects of the production environment, to name a few. The issues we identify help reduce IT expenses and improve operational efficiency. We provide industry-leading senior consultants to perform all of our assessments. Our consultants provide a complete review of the IT operating environment with technical, performance, and financial considerations in mind, and deliver consolidation and virtualization recommendations to reduce total cost of ownership.

Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment

Organization, preparation, regular testing, and frequent updates to include any changes are the keys to DR planning success. Due to the unpredictability a disaster event can bring your company, a DCEI Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment will help ensure you are ready. Our Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment is designed to identify areas where critical business processes need protection, and recommend alternative approaches that allow your company to meet both Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). It will outline steps necessary to ensure business resiliency in the event of a local or regional catastrophe.

Service Overview

Data Center Enhancements Inc. provides a range of IT Technical Consulting Services for large and complex the business computing environments. These capabilities include:

Virtualization / Consolidation

  • Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure
  • Virtualized servers – Vmware, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX
  • IT Consolidation strategy and planning
  • IT Infrastructure simplification
  • Highly available server structures
  • Virtualization project management
  • IT Governance - policies and procedures
  • Vendor-neutral readiness assessments
  • Data migration to a virtualized environment
  • ROI and TCO estimates for virtualization
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Read More…

Storage Growth Management

  • Storage subsystems virtualization
  • Multi-tiered disk design and implementation
  • Storage optimization planning
  • Switch port virtualization
  • Information Life Cycle (ILM) implementation
  • Storage assessments (vendor-neutral)
  • Storage project management
  • Data classification and reorganization
  • Capacity planning and optimization
  • Backup and Recovery Systems Design
  • Deduplication and Virtual Tape Libraries
  •

Energy Resource Optimization

  • Data Center power usage assessment
  • Energy efficiency strategy and planning
  • Energy management - policies and procedures
  • Optimization Project management
  • Energy-efficient IT architecture
  • Data center cooling optimization
  • Emerging power technology evaluation
  • Energy consumption monitoring and reporting
  • ROI and TCO estimates for energy projects
  • Read More…

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

  • Enterprise Business Continuity Planning
  • Availability Strategy, Planning, and Design
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Optimized BC/DR infrastructure design
  • Failover site identification and evaluation
  • Disaster Recovery plan review and assessment
  • BC/DR Project Management
  • Plan organization and prioritization
  • Synchronous/asynchronous DR strategies
  • DR Plan testing and validation
  • Read More…

Data Center Migration

  • Migration strategy, planning, and execution
  • Facility selection and evaluation
  • Asset identification and classification
  • Move wave project plan development
  • Professional project management
  • Application dependency mapping
  • Data security and protection strategies
  • Infrastructure consolidation and optimization
  • Vendor-neutral technology evaluation
  • ROI and TCO estimates for migration
  • Read More…

Training and Advanced Certifications

  • Instructor-led technology courses
  • Instructor-led online virtual classrooms
  • Self-paced online training courses
  • Student training aids and preparation tools
  • Accredited Certification process and structure
  • Training program planning and design
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Custom courseware development and updates
  • Comprehensive train-the-trainer programs
  • Technical staff skills evaluation
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For further information about our technical capabilities, sophisticated solutions, and innovative approaches we can provide, please contact Data Center Enhancements.