Data Center Enhancements Inc.

February 7, 2023  


Sometimes incisive technical insight can be exactly what's needed to solve complex IT Architecture problems or get a struggling project back on track. Bringing in an experienced Subject Matter Expert can make all the difference in the world! Our company provides Senior IT Consultants on an on-demand basis. We ensure top technical skills, advanced industry knowledge, and depth-and-breadth of experience are available when you need it, without draining your IT budget!

Storage Infrastructure Stabilization

Your Production data storage equipment may be functional, but is it stable? All IT equipment tends to suffer "creeping disorganization" over time. Passwords aren't updated, obsolete data is not removed., I/O paths become unbalanced, naming conventions overlooked, security patches not installed, etc. Our Storage Infrastructure Stabilization Assessment goes back-to-basics and ensures all configuration and features have been properly implemented and are operating at maximum efficiency.

SAN/NAS Capacity Assessment

Data Center Enhancements Inc. offers a comprehensive analysis program for evaluating storage, capturing key growth and performance metrics, analyzing data, and presenting the results in a coherent and professional document. This review usually entails a detailed examination of all storage components, design configuration, performance, power consumption, policies and procedures, physical resource consumption, support costs, skills requirements, and other aspects of the infrastructure.

Data Center Assessment

Data Center Enhancements provides a thorough, in-depth review of all aspects of a data center including but not limited to: underutilized servers/storage, power consumption, cooling, floor space, rack space, useful lifespan of equipment, regulatory compliance, security, and other aspects of the production environment, to name a few. The issues we identify help reduce IT expenses and improve operational efficiency. We provide industry-leading senior consultants to perform all of our assessments. Our consultants provide a complete review of the IT operating environment with technical, performance, and financial considerations in mind, and deliver consolidation and virtualization recommendations to reduce total cost of ownership.

Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment

Organization, preparation, regular testing, and frequent updates to include any changes are the keys to DR planning success. Due to the unpredictability a disaster event can bring your company, a DCEI Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment will help ensure you are ready. Our Disaster Recovery Readiness Assessment is designed to identify areas where critical business processes need protection, and recommend alternative approaches that allow your company to meet both Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). It will outline steps necessary to ensure business resiliency in the event of a local or regional catastrophe.

Project Summary

How can we help you? Here is what we have done for others...

Due to confidentiality agreements and business sensitivities, we do not publish the specific names of companies having past or current projects. They are referenced only by generic project type.


Financial Institution
Assisted in the infrastructure planning phase for a multi-national Customer Call Center, using VoIP technology.

Financial Management Organization
Provided performance analysis, tuning, and server configuration recommendations.

Commercial Mortgage Institution
Provided software upgrades, performance analysis and tuning configuration for multiple large servers in their data center.

Consumer Mortgage Company
Performed software upgrades, advanced systems administration, performance analysis, and backup process troubleshooting for the servers.

Global Market Statistics Company
Analyzed their existing IT architecture and made recommendations for performance improvements.


Global Healthcare Company
Design of high availability architectures for PeopleSoft, Ariba, Interwoven, and Broadvision e-commerce applications, and implementation at a major outsourcing facility.


Consumer Electronics Manufacturer
Supervised the Information Technology department of a major consumer electronics manufacturer during the spin-off of an existing division.

Wholesale Foods Manufacturer
Citrix thin client architecture analysis, documentation, and operational review.

Printing Press Manufacturer
Installation, configuration, and initial administration of large Oracle database server structure.

OEM Parts Manufacturer
Analyzed their legacy architecture for capacity and performance improvements, reviewed satellite network system and made recommendations for improvements in operational efficiency and expense reduction

Aircraft Components Manufacturer
Provided a server performance assessment and systems tuning recommendations.


Federal Resource Management Dept.
Storage and Infrastructure architectural design; was part of a team consolidating 200+ North American data centers, data closets, and office back-end processing structures into two major data centers. Also Technical Lead for a project to specify, design, and implementing the Dept.'s e-Discovery system.

Federal Mortgage Div.
Infrastructure architecture, storage systems design, and performance management for a national system of both centralized data centers and processing systems at end user facilities.

County in Northern California
Installation, configuration and initial administration of an Oracle database server.

City in Northern California
Installation, configuration, and initial administration of a PeopleSoft Human Resources system.

County in Northern California
Installation and administration of a large database server.

Veteran's Administration Field Office
Provided performance analysis and tuning recommendations, and acted as technical advisor for installation of a network based enterprise backup system.

U.S. Military Data Centers
Technical review, analysis, and modernization recommendations for Data Center at seven military manufacturing facilities.

U.S. Military Facility
Technical review, Cost/Benefits analysis, and deployment recommendations for a Citrix thin client architecture.


National Pharmacy Chain
Configuration, implementation, and initial systems administration of (2) multi-terabyte clustered database server structures.

National Grocery Chain
Acted as Technical Advisor and assisted with a software upgrade and data migration project.


Brand Management and Advertising
SAN/NAS storage design and management for a global company committed to assisting Fortune 500 companies with specialized advertising brand management and design services.

e-Commerce Commercial Provider
Provided Hitachi SAN Administration, architecture, performance monitoring and capacity planning on a multi-terabyte, heterogeneous enterprise storage structure.

Hosted e-Commerce
Designed and implemented a commercial e-commerce structure for a WEB hosting company.

Retail Internet Trade Exchange
Capacity planning for a major e-commerce structure, cost analysis, and high availability infrastructure design review and recommendations.

Wholesale Internet Trade Exchange
Systems capacity and throughput testing, performance analysis, and high availability evaluation for a wholesale e-commerce trade exchange.


Telecommunications Company (India)
Technical Advisor for three projects, including the architecture for primary and backup National data centers, infrastructure design analysis of (750) commercial office sites, and technical planning for (1000+) Internet Café retail outlets.

Mobile Telecommunications Company
Provided configuration and administration of Oracle data warehouse and multi-terabyte database servers. In addition, served as the interim Director of Information Technology for a 60-day period, while the vacancy was being filled.


Chain of Hotels and Resorts
Program Manager for three projects, including upgrade of an existing data center and implementation of new e-commerce structures.